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Principal's Desk

Ms. Archana Kadam

We at Sinhgad City School pre-primary, Kondhwa, place high priority support to academic excellence and extracurricular exposure. I have a fundamental belief that a good measure of quality education practices couples with the joy of schooling always yields wonderful results. We follow this with extreme passion and dedication.

Sinhgad City School provides the best possible learning environment, hence our school curriculum is designed to develop observation, logical thinking and acquisition of basic skills in reading and writing. A systematic gradation of activities to suit the interest and aptitude of the child is followed in the Mini KG/ Junior KG/ Senior KG.

The objective of our approach to academics and all round development of the child along with moral values which inculcate honesty, respect, tolerance and willingness to help ensures that children blossom into well adjusted, creative and self confident students.

Once the children believe in themselves, achieve knowledge and gains social skills they are well on the path ways for a guaranteed success in whatever they attempt as they move through their academic years.

The backbones of all our achievements are our teachers who are well qualified, experienced and totally dedicated.

I wish to conclude by saying-

Life is a torch that we must burn brightly before handing it over to the next generation.

With best wishes

Admissions : Qualifying Age

Mini Kg :
3 years complete on 30th September 2018
Jr Kg :
4 years complete on 30th September 2018
Sr Kg :
5 years complete on 30th September 2018

  • Under the RTE act we have 25% seats reserved for Mini KG.

Admission : Procedure

Purchase of admission form. There would be a school visit for every child seeking admission. The admission of the child would be determined on the basis of the observation during the school visit. The decision of the school is final.

Admission : Documents required

  • Photo Copy of Birth Certificate & Passport size latest photograph
  • Progress report of the last qualifying examination. If the student has come on a transfer from another state or district, the school leaving certificate must be countersigned by the concerned District Education Officer.

Admission - Fee Structure


(Mini, Jr. & Sr.KG)
Pre-Primary Fee Structure

Admission Fee
Tuition Fee(Yearly)
Term Fee
Other Fee
Celebration, Sports, Computer, Library, Examinations, Gathering ,
Art & Craft, Stationary



����� 34,550/-



Refundable Deposit


����� 20,000/-

�Note:- Deposit, fee & bus fees of exact amount must be paid only by D.D. A single D.D. of the same amount may be paid. The D.D. should be in the name of the school in which you seek the admission for your child. No cheque / cash would be accepted.
1) �Fee should be paid as specified in the fee structure in one installment
2) �Office hours for fee transactions: 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on working days
3) Bus fee should be paid in one installment. The bus route & the bus stop allotted will not be changed in the midst of one academic session.
4) Admission will be confirmed after completion of the necessary office procedure and payment of the fee.

Admission : Cancellation

  • In case parents wish to withdraw the admission of their child, it should be intimated to the school office before the school closes in second term for summer vacation.
  • In case of new admission and std. I (Senior K.G. going to Std.I) the entire admission fee would be deducted from the fees paid.
  • In case of parents who cancel their child�s admission after the stipulated time there will be deduction in the fees paid as per the following rules

30 days from the opening date of school

10% deduction of school fee and proportionate deduction of bus fee

45 days from the opening date of school

20% deduction of school fee and proportionate deduction of bus fee

60 days from the opening date of school

50% deduction of school fee and proportionate deduction of bus fee

Cancellation after 2 months

No refund of school fees and proportionate deduction of bus fees.

Uniforms, Books & Notebooks

The details may be obtained from the respective school office.

Sports Day

"Healthy mind in a healthy body", in order to achieve this objective various sports activities and annual sports day are organized. All these activities inculcate the qualities of leadership, team spirit, co-operation, patience and responsibilities.

Well co-ordinated March past with a definite theme is conducted for e g. Save trees, save water, avoid pollution are some of the useful messages that are conveyed by the children with the help of colourful placards and posters. Various drills like the pom-pom drill, hula hoop drill, flag drill, ribbon drill etc. are also organized.

Colourful and innovative races are conducted for the children like Vegetable race, African race, Hula hoop race etc. Dandiya, Lezim, bamboo dance and such other synchronized dances based on physical exercises are also organized to make the event colourful and grand.


Activities & Celebrations


Relationships are the essence of any festivity and it holds true for any Indian festival. Rakshabandhan is a festival which celebrates the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. It is a day when siblings pray for each others well being and wish for each others happiness and goodwill. The little ones of Sinhgad City School celebrated Rakshabandhan with lots of love and affection. A rakhi was tied on the wrist of every child. The school looked very colourful as the children wore festive clothes to celebrate this bond of love. Children also presented assembly on Rakshabandhan. The name Rakshabandhan suggests a bond of protection and rightly the tiny tots tied rakhies on the wrist of all the bus kakas who rightly protect them and take care of them everyday.


On 5th August 2016 the little ones of Pre-Primary section celebrated �Nagpanchmi� with lots of devotion and faith. The children enacted a musical play on how the snakes are useful to the farmers. Traditional dance and songs were also performed by the tiny tots.

Independence Day

On 15 th August all the teaching and non-teaching staff members were present in the school premises to celebrate our freedom. This occasion was graced by our Trustee Member of STES Mr. G.K. Sahani Sir. The great sacrifice of our leaders and the unsung heroes of our country were remembered while Mr.G.K. Sahani Sir unfurled the National Tricolour. As the tiny tots of pre-primary section had a holiday on the 15 th August. They celebrated Independence Day on the 11 th of August in their own special way. They presented an assembly depicting national integration and patriotism. All the children sang patriotic songs and the school echoed with slogans like �Jai Hind� and �Vande Mataram��. Such assemblies definitely play an important role in inculcating a sense of love and respect for our Motherland. Our little ones helped us to recollect our school days by dressing up like our Freedom Fighters.


The Palkhi procession is an annual festival in which the Warkaris, members of a religious movement form the Bhakti Era, walk down 250kms from Alandi to Pandharpur accompanying the padukas of their holy Saints Dnyaneshwar and Tukaram. Like every year, this year too Sinhgad City School celebrated Palkhi on Friday 24th July 2015. During the Palkhi celebrations children from Pre-primary and Primary Section paid reverence to Lord Vitthal and dressed as �Warkaris� � his devotees.
A very knowledgeable information was given by Mrs.Prachi Kulkarni, about the procession of Palkhi from Pune to Pandharpur. The choir group of Sinhgad City School presented a devotional song �Mauli Mauli -----�.
Teachers of Sinhgad City School presented a mellifluous performance by singing a devotional Abhnag----- � Vithu Mauli O Mauli Jagachi�. It was followed by a Palkhi procession around the school by all the Pre-primary and Primary section students.
The programme successfully created a devotional environment in the entire school that concluded with Pasaydan.

Annual Day

Annual day is the most anxiously awaited occasion in the school. In pursuit of excellence children participate in dance, music and dramatics. It exhibits their talents and showcases them on this special day.


To develop a positive attitude toward society and to motivate healthy group participation special class assemblies are conducted like - Diwali, Christmas, Id, etc. This is done to educate the children and to instill the value of unity, national Integration, Indian culture tradition and secularism in to the hearts of our children.

All Round Developement


Various competitions like Show & tell ,Fancy dress, Drawing and Singing etc are held. These competitions are healthy and showcase creativity skills, flights of imaginations, speech and most of all confidence. Every student is given an opportunity to discover his or her hidden talents which could very well be the first step of the ladder to success.


Children�s vocal cords are sharpened and harmonized leading to positive development. Children learn to recite interesting songs and rhymes with actions.

Art / Craft

It is an integral part of pre-primary education. It develops the child�s creativity, stretches their imaginations along with their finer motor skills.

Paper tearing & paper crumpling

Excursions and Picnics

Besides theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is given to the children whereby they explore and find their own answers. Trips like visit to the Fire Station, Post office etc are organized to enhance the teaching and learning process of the child.




The classrooms are spacious well ventilated and well equipped. The emphasis has been laid on cleanliness and beautification of the classrooms, this enriches the quality of teaching and Learning process.


The library occupies a special place in our learning environment. It is spacious, airy and well stocked with books on various subjects of learning. Additional books are procurred on an ongoing basis. Conscious efforts are made to inculcate reading habits among the students. In addition to this there is an Audio Visual room where CDs related to projects are shown.

Bus Facility

The school owns a fleet of buses plying all over the city. Each bus driver has been provided with a cellular phone to facilitate communication at any time. Every bus has an attendant to help the students in boarding and alighting.

First aid box, fire extinguisher, emergency door, speed control governor, grill for the windows etc are some of the R.T.O. approved safety facilities, that are provided in the school buses.

There is a Transport committee which comprises of a R.T.O. officer, a local police officer, corporater, a Pune university staff and two parent representatives. The transport committee conducts meetings at regular intervals to ensure the safety of the school children

View Bus Route Booklet


A well �qualified and experienced medical staff is available to provide necessary medical aids to the students. The school also organizes a yearly medical checkup and maintains a health report of each student.

Additional facilities

Summer camp

To nurture the mind and beautify the soul summer camps are organized for the children during their Summer Vacation. They learn various skills like dramatization, yoga, art and craft, storytelling etc. Various activities like puppet show, pottery etc are organized. Informative field trips to various important places are organized. To know their city better a Pune Darshan tour is also arranged. At the end of the camp an exhibition and a talent show is put up to display the unlimited talents of the tiny tots. The summer camp is definitely an enriching experience for the children.

Excursions & Picnics

Besides theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is given to the children whereby they explore and find their own answers. Trips like visit to the Fire Station, Post office etc are organized to enhance the teaching and learning process of the child.

Fun Week

It is organized to refresh and relax the minds of children after the academic year comes to an end. They also learn a few traits through enjoyment. � Various activities are conducted to explore their hidden talents in a playway method. For eg. � Paper mache, starch play, clay moulding etc. � Various culinary activities are conducted to encourage the children to prepare simple healthy food. For eg. � Making veg-sandwich, bhel etc. � A number of activities are organized for pure fun and enjoyment. For e.g. � Water play, kite flying, rolling on the lawn, enjoyment in the play area.


� This monthly news letter is informative, colourful and interesting. It consists of articles, drawings, write ups of students, photographs of various functions and awards given to the children.
� It serves as vehicles of communication .It educates, encourages and informs the students.
� It gives the children an opportunity to explore their writing skills.


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Contact Us

Principal Mrs. Arlene Lobo
Email ID prin.scs_pp@sinhgad.edu
Admission Grievances Transport
Mr. Vijay Borate Mrs. Anjalee Subandh Mr. Chaugale
vijayborate@sinhgad.edu office.scs_pp@sinhgad.edu  
020 64783006 020-64783006 9881468270

Close academics

Sinhgad City School follows a different teaching methodology and emphasizes equally on the co-curricular activities like educational trips, dramatization and extra curricular activities like art/ craft, sports competitions which provide excitement and elation. The different teaching methodology we follow are:-

Close academics














Close academics

Teacher�s Name

Basic Qualifications

Educational Qualifications

Total� Experience

Date of Joining

Mrs. Arlene Lobo



35� years


Mrs. Anjalee Subandh



13 years


Mrs.Meghana Ghorpade


Mphil, DCM

6 years


Miss.Varsha �Avhad



9 Years


Mrs. Vyjayanthi �Kulkarni



11 Years


Mrs.Suvarna Dalvi


B.Ed, PPTTC, Dip. in Light Vocal Music

8 Years


Mrs.Almas Tajmohammed



11 Years


Mrs. Gracy Raj



9 Years


Miss.Vidhya Chaugale


B. Ed, MTC, Dip. in Hardware� & Networking

8 Years


Mrs. Kumudini Barawkar


Montessori� D.Ed.

11 Years


Mrs. Seema Kalgaonkar

M.Sc ,

B.Ed,� Montessori

10 Years


Mrs. Fareeda Khan



5� Years


Mrs. Deepali Chavan

DCE, B.Sc.


10 Years


Mrs. Nafeesbanu Salati



11 Years


Mrs. Shazia Khan



5 Years


Mrs. Baljit Kaur Chadha



8 Years


Mrs. Sheetal Paul



9 Years


Mrs. Daljeet Kaur Sagi



11 Years


Mrs. Pranjali Bhat (Librarian)


M.Lib, MTC

8 Years


Close academics



Close academics

Children are encouraged to participate in the various project displays along with the teachers e.g.

Close academics

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